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Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick Values Community Service

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To be a great automotive dealership, it’s important to entrench yourself into the community and to endear yourself to your customer base. For over five decades, we have been doing both of those things here at Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick, and it’s because we have worked so hard at community and customer service that we remain among the most respected and beloved  Calgary GMC dealers.

In terms of community service, for example, Shaw GMC has supported the Annual Calgary Stampede since 1971. This rodeo event is unlike anything else in the province, and for the last 46 years we have been directly involved with the Stampede Queen & Princesses, providing them with the sort of gorgeous vehicles befitting such royalty. We love being a part of it, and we think the good people riding along in our automobiles are pretty happy about the partnership, too.

We also have committed ourselves to being especially environmentally friendly, which means handling the disposal of fluids properly, performing auto body paint jobs in our state-of-the-art eco-friendly paint booths, and of course selling some of the most efficient automobiles in the industry today.

For customer service we’re equally helpful, starting with our expansive interpreting services. We have on-staff interpreters that speak several languages ranging from Spanish to Punjabi, and that helps everyone feel welcome at our facility. We also offer the Welcome to Canada Lease Program, which helps immigrants build credit in Canada, and we’re among the most forward-thinking Chevy dealers in terms of gender equality, with plenty of female staff members to help prove that fact.

We love helping our customers and our community, and we can’t wait to see what opportunities arise to continue both those relationships in the future!

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