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Choosing A Medium Duty Vehicle

Your business isn’t trucking, but you can’t be successful without the right truck. You need cost efficient vehicles that will deliver your products on time, every time. Heavy duty heritage of dependability and durability combined with great visibility and maneuverability result in medium duty trucks that are a great investment for your business.


At Shaw GMC we currently carry a variety of models: All of these models are diesel powered. The gas powered models will be coming soon.


The new Topkick C4500/C5500 fills a need at the lighter end of the medium-duty range. They make an excellent choice for a wide variety of jobs, from light construction or delivery to landscaping. The model lineup includes regular or crew cab models, plus cutaways for ambulance, fire and rescue, shuttle bus and school bus applications

Topkick C4500/C5500 is one of only a few medium-duty trucks to offer a gasoline engine. The Vortec 8.1L V8 produces the advantages of lower initial cost and lower curb weight for increased payloads. Gasoline engines are easier to start, quieter and more familiar to most operators, an important factor in the rental business.

In high mileage applications, the fuel efficiency and long engine life of a Duramax V8 diesel will justify its extra cost. Diesel engines are especially fuel efficient at slow speed and idle, so if you operate a city delivery service resulting in a significant annual fuel bill, diesel power should be the choice.


The C6500/C7500 and C8500 Topkicks are the heavy haulers in the GMC lineup of professional grade trucks. The C8500 Tandems offer GVWRs up to 27,660 kg (61,000 lb.) – well into class 8 range.

Allison automatic transmissions are standard in Topkicks. This is an important benefit for less experienced drivers and a convenience for all. Allison automatics help maintain engine speeds that provide the best combination of power and fuel efficiency while avoiding engine damaging “lugging”. The transmission’s torque converter cushions the engine’s power output and prevents the shock loading that can shorten the drivetrain component life. An automatic transmission temperature gauge is a low cost alert that can help prevent a transmission failure due to overheating in a heavy-duty stop and go operation.


Versatile? No matter the vocation-construction, plumbing, electrical contracting, landscaping, vending, food service, parcel delivery or pest control – the NPR provides exceptional durability and outstanding performance, which makes them the logical choice.

A major benefit is their low cab forward design. It provides maximum available chassis length to meet the exact requirements of your vocational application, all while providing excellent forward and side visibility, which also makes maneuvering in tight quarters a snap. These N-series trucks could be your most profitable business tool.


When the workload piles up, you need a tough truck to tackle the project. That’s why we build the NRR. It has a GVWR* (gross vehicle weight rating) rating of 8845 kg/19500 lb and body/payload capacity range of 5880 kg/12963 lb to 6003 kg/13234 lb. **

To provide outstanding payload handling, the Isuzu N-series NRR is equipped with heavy-duty 3098 kg/6830 lb* capacity front and 6600 kg/14550 lb* capacity rear axles. Another benefit. the low cab forward design provides excellent cargo capacity; without adding to the overall length of the vehicle. In addition, these trucks are engineered to help minimize operating costs. Also there is a removable front panel for easy access to the electrical cab connections and the air intake filters for easier servicing. At Isuzu, we realize the true meaning of “heavy duty” and that’s reflected in every aspect of the NRR.

* Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

** Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment, and cargo.

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