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Digital Colorado Experience Helps you choose the RIGHT Lifestyle Package

The all-new 2015 Chevy Colorado is redefining the midsize truck market with its ability to fit a variety of active lifestyles. Now, Chevrolet is launching a new digital experience to help customers choose available accessories to meet their specific needs.

The digital experience combines a user-friendly accessory builder that can be presented to a dealer when ordering a truck, along with a video depicting the Colorado outfitted with different accessory packages for varied uses.

“With so many segment-leading technologies featured on the Colorado, and with such an expansive accessory catalog, we had to build something to convey all that information in an interactive, immersive way,” said Tony Johnson, marketing manager for Colorado. “This site goes above and beyond the standard computer-generated 360-degree view to show how the Colorado performs in so many different situations.”

The accessory builder allows consumers to customize any of five pre-built Colorado packages from a vast catalog of accessories.

Included in each of the pre-built packages – Polished, Safeguard, Onyx, Adventurer and Commercial – is Chevrolet’s configurable GearOn™ cargo system, customizable with accessories tailored to active lifestyles and the needs of tradespeople. Options include bike racks, tie downs, bed dividers and tonneau covers.

Using the digital experience, customers select the package that best suits their needs. Then they can print a list of their desired accessories, including part numbers, to hand to their dealer for ordering and installation.


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