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Jimi Hendrix was a Corvette Lover Too!

There’s never been a guitarist like Jimi Hendrix. Sure, the evolution of rock music has developed better guitarists, but Jimi changed the rules of rock, and he was the whole package besides − writing, producing, and being a genuine gentleman. But with all that money and adulation, didn’t he own a cool car or two back when cars and music were at their coolest?

Of course he did. While possibly never having a driver’s license, he and bassist Noel Redding were in Cleveland and decided to shop for a car. Jimi picked up an International Blue 1968 Corvette from Blaushild Chevrolet. However, according to reports from those around him, Jimi wasn’t the best driver and crashed the Vette.

According to drummer Mitch Mitchell:
One Saturday night we went to see Cream and had a party back at the house. The party didn’t break up until 5 am and at 7 am I got to sleep. I’d heard Jimi’s voice, ‘Guess what, I’ve just crashed my car.’ I thought I’d dreamed that and went back to sleep. Several hours later, I discovered that it was true.

After the insurance company processed the claim, Jimi bought another Corvette, this time a Cortez Silver ’69. However, no one knows what happened to this car other than it may have been sold to pay expenses as part of his estate after his death in 1970.



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