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Chevrolet Silverado Strength Broken Down

Chevrolet Silverado is from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. That durability is derived from strength in everything from the foundation on which the truck is built to the engine that pulls it down the road.

The 2015 Silverado’s strength can be measured through five core elements:

1. Fully Boxed Frame

Silverado’s fully boxed frame – including main rails and major cross members formed from high-strength steel – provides a rigid base for maximum hauling capability, excellent crashworthiness and the longevity truck customers demand.

Engineers validated the frame’s strength in the lab and in the field. In the lab, Silverado prototypes were mounted by their wheel hubs on a simulator that shook and twisted them with extreme intensity. Outdoors, they were driven over a variety of rough surfaces and swells – including torturous “truck blocks” – inducing natural frequencies and real-world driving conditions that don’t occur in the lab.

2. High-Strength-Steel-Reinforced Body Structure

Silverado’s body structure, which features advanced, high-strength steels, complements the fully boxed frame to enhance its strength and safety performance. High-strength steel contributes to Silverado being the only full-size pickup to earn a 5-Star overall rating in government crash tests.

3. Tough Cargo Box and Tailgate

Silverado has the industry’s most innovative cargo box and supporting features, including two-tier loading, standard integrated cargo tie-downs, available adjustable tie-down hooks, ergonomically shaped handholds built into box rail protectors and the CornerStep, which enables easier climbing access to the box and to retrieve items from it.

The Silverado’s cargo box floor is made of roll-formed steel that’s stronger and lighter than conventional stamped steel. Lower weight helps control the truck’s overall mass, which enhances efficiency, while the stronger steel bolsters the box’s durability.

4. Advanced Small-Block Engines

With the ability to operate on four cylinders during light load driving, Silverado’s 5.3L EcoTec V-8 offers the best fuel economy estimates – up to 23 mpg highway – of any truck V-8. Yet this same engine builds on more than 100 million engines’ worth of experience. The Chevrolet’s small-block has been the heart of Chevy trucks for 60 years – and the engine on which generations of truck customers have depended.

5. Long-Lasting Duralife™ Brake Rotors

All Silverado 1500 models have standard four-wheel disc brakes with new Duralife™ brake rotors that offer up to double the service life. They enhance braking performance, too, thanks to a GM-exclusive process that protects against rust that, over time, can lead to steering wheel shudder.

The process involves super-heating the rotors to more than 1,000 degrees F (560 C) for an entire day in a special oven, where the nitrogen-rich atmosphere promotes nitrogen atoms to bond to the rotors’ surfaces, hardening and strengthening them.

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