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Top 5 Updates for GM’s New Heavy Duty Line

GM’s new heavy-duty line of pickups is a significant update over its predecessor:

  1. They are “library quiet”: Back in the day of barebones work trucks, it was hard to escape the loud diesel under the hood, noisy suspension, and every other auditory nightmare. However, with the new HD trucks from General Motors, the cabin is incredibly quiet. While you can still hear the Duramax diesel mill working away to some degree, you won’t be inundated with unwanted noise, vibration or harshness on long highway hauls. A lot of this comes down to more sound-deadening material and new inlaid doors. Improved aerodynamics also reduces wind noise while stretching out each tank of fuel.
  2. You can pair up to 10 Bluetooth devices: When I first read about this in the light-duty trucks, I didn’t make much sense of it. However, in a fleet application this makes things so much easier if your drivers rotate through vehicles. While only one device can be active at any given time, Chevrolet MyLink and GMC IntelliLink allows up to ten devices to be paired, which in turn makes it easier for your employees to use different vehicles each day. Instead of having to pair their phone every morning (and deleting another device in the process), they can just hop in the trucks and go. Simple.
  3. Best-in-class towing and payload: The duo of GM heavy-duty trucks offers best-in-class payload (3,508 kg/7,374 lbs) and conventional towing (8,890 kg/19,600 lbs) capability in the heavy-duty class, when properly equipped with the single rear-wheel axle setup. However, with manufacturers dictating their own testing regimes, these numbers may not represent an apples-to-apples comparison.
  4. Best-in-class interiors: As far as the main-line trim models are concerned, the interiors in the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD are second to none. General Motors really upped their game inside the cabin, offering a comfortable environment with well designed, easy to operate controls.
  5. More power points than you could ever need at any given time: Depending on which option packages you tick, the Silverado and Sierra have a bunch of USB ports and some conventional household outlet power points throughout.

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