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Buick uses Vines to target a Younger Demographic!


Most of you are probably familiar with Vine, the mobile app that lets its users create and post short, looping video clips of whatever they get up to. Zach King is a young Vine user famous for manipulating the app to create visual effects and illusions, and he’s gotten a lot of viewers and fans from doing it.

Zach King’s Vine page got so much recognition in fact that it caught the attention of the people over at Buick. The brand is notorious for its older customer base and put King in charge of Buick’s official Vine account to help in garner some recognition from the younger demographic.

If you ask us, we think Buick made the right choice. King’s videos are a refreshing form of advertising from Buick and are undeniably well made, entertaining and comedic. The Buick project launched and ended in early April, but we think it’d be worth it for Buick to continue similar types of viral marketing.

Watch the Buick Vine Compilation below.


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