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Chevrolet Sonic introduces their new Bold Hue: Dragon Green!

The most recent addition to the Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback’s color palette is Dragon Green, which became available on the car at beginning of this year. Chevy designer Krysti Murphy goes in detail on General Motors’ Fastlane blog about why and how unique colors like Dragon Green find their way onto its vehicles.

Murphy says GM designers are “always studying the next must-have colors,” pulling inspiration out of everything from shoes and sporting goods to the fashion industry and sometimes even furniture pieces. When picking new colors to add to the available options, the design team first tries to choose something that both males and females will like. They then create renderings of the color on a vehicle to make sure it works on a larger scale. If all goes well, the color is sent to production, so long as it will last more than one fashion season.

Cars with sporty looks and a big personality, like the Camaro and Sonic, wear unique color shades better than others, Murphy says. This is why colors like Deep Magenta Metallic, which is offered on both vehicles, will find their way onto only certain Chevys. The Dragon Green hue is deeper than lime green, but nowhere near as dark as the Corvette’s now discontinued Lime Rock Green shade. It is also similar, if not identical, to the Synergy Green color offered on early fifth-generation Camaros.


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